Hosting a session at UXCB17

By Luke Hay, UXCB co-organiser

I know first-hand that some people are reluctant to present at bar camp. Back in 2012 UX camp custodian Patrick Sansom had to ask me several times to sign up for a presenter ticket before I finally found the courage to agree to run a session. I think there are three common reasons why people are reluctant to present at events like this:

“I don’t like public speaking”

This was certainly a reason for me in my first year; I’ve never been keen on public speaking however, after taking the plunge at presenting at UX Camp I’ve since got on to do several talks about UX and analytics. The attendees at UX Camp Brighton are a friendly and supportive bunch so you’ve really got nothing to fear. Also, if you don’t like speaking in front of large crowds then choose one of the smaller rooms for your talk and you’ll have less than ten people to present to.

“I’m not an expert in UX”

While some of the speakers will be UX veterans, a lot of attendees will have just started out in UX , or will have roles where UX makes up only a small part of their jobs. Even those who have been working in the UX industry for years can still learn a lot from getting the views of people who are just starting out. It’s also worth remembering that your session does not have to be purely UX related, as long as it’s relevant to a UX crowd. Finally, your session doesn’t even have to be a talk or presentation; it could be a workshop, discussion or even something like a Fishbowl conversation. Also, if you're lacking in experience then being able to write that you presented at UX Camp on your CV will only help you get your dream UX job.

“I don’t know what my session should be about”

As touched on in the previous answer, there is a wide range of subjects and styles that you might consider for your session.  Email the UX Camp Brighton team to get some suggestions or find out more about our mentoring programme.