Make 2017 the year you present at a conference

As a friendly and welcoming ‘unconference' UX Camp Brighton is an ideal place to give your first presentation.

We have always encouraged first-time speakers. This year we thought we’d go a step further and introduce a free mentoring program to give first-time speakers the support and skills to confidently present their design thoughts.

How it works?

We will put you in touch with an experienced presenter from the Brighton UX digital community. They will help you to find the right topic to talk about and the most interesting way to present it.

Through 3x30 minute sessions, either in person or on Skype they will:

  • Help you find and refine the topic for your talk
  • Review your structure and materials as you develop them
  • Coach you through a run through of your presentation

Interested? What to do next

Simply email us by the end of February telling us how to get in touch with you and the topic(s) you are interested in talking about. We will then match you to one of our volunteer mentors who will be in touch in the next few weeks.

Please note you will need to have a session host ticket for the event.