Ten Reasons to Attend UX Camp Brighton '17

1. Interesting talks

With around 45 talks from a range of UX professionals you get really diverse mix of sessions. Attendees have a choice of five different sessions in each time slot so there’s always something that’s relevant to you. Sessions can be talks/presentations, workshops or discussions and we guarantee that you’ll leave UX Camp Brighton a lot smarter than when you went in.

2. Get your ideas heard

The great thing about UX Camp Brighton and other ‘unconferences’ is that you get the chance to present yourself. If you’ve got some thoughts that you want to share with your peers then UX Camp Brighton is the perfect place to do just that. If you’re a bit shy about presenting then choose one of the smaller rooms, making it a good place to practice your presenting skills.

“UX Camp had a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere. I did my first ever public speech, gaining invaluable insights on how to do it. I enjoyed the variety of speakers and the rich facets of UX, UI and Design discussions.”
UX Camp Brighton 2013 attendee

3. Meet like-minded people

One of the great things about bar camps is the relaxed way you end up meeting people. You’ll come away with a fist-full of new contacts without even realising it. It’s how all ‘networking’ should be done 😀

UX Camp Brighton brings together over 100 UX professionals from across Europe. Whether you want to chat to familiar faces, catch up with old friends or meet new people then UX Camp is the event for you.

“I loved meeting new people involved in UX. I am trying to move into UX and the camp gave me the opportunity to meet people who work in different areas and understand what they do. The event was friendly and well organised – I knew no one before I arrived and left with new contacts and a lot more knowledge having had a very positive experience.”
UX Camp Brighton 2013 attendee

4. Win Prizes!

Thanks to our prize sponsors we’ve got some some great prizes to give away this year. These include UX books, software licences and some useful UX supplies. There are plenty of opportunities to win throughout the day, with a big prize draw happening at our after-party in the evening.

5. Take part in the famous UX Brighton Quiz

For the last session of the day we’re delighted to have Brighton’s top UX Quizmaster Tim Minor back to run another of his excellent UX quizzes. This gives everyone a chance to get together and compete in teams to win some great prizes. The quiz is aimed at UXers of all levels, so don’t worry if you’re new to the industry.

6. Free breakfast, lunch and dinner

Thanks to our sponsors, on arrival free pastries, coffee, tea, juice and fruit will be available. A free lunch will be served (mostly vegetarian), snacks during the quiz, and pizza at the after party.

7. Free booze

Lots of lovely free booze will be provided during the Quiz and at the after party.

8. After-party

The after-party this year will run directly after the quiz, with background grooves provided by DJ Count Sammy, so there’s no need to go anywhere!

9. After-after party

Around 9-10pm we will decamp to a nearby pub for more beery-mayhem.

10. Spend some time in Brighton

We may be biased, as we live here, but we think Brighton is a lovely place. If you’re coming from out of town then why not stay for a few days and have a look around the place? Our organisers will be happy to offer advice on things to do while you’re down here.

So, that’s 10 very good reasons to come to UX Camp Brighton 2017…!

If that’s not enough for you, this is what one of our previous attendees said:

“You could charge a double this year’s asking price. People would most definitely pay for it as the value gained from the day would outweigh the fee by far. The time and effort that goes into the day by the organisers is obvious!”
UX Camp Brighton 2013 attendee